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  • Missoula Dental Care
    Comfortable, Family Friendly, Missoula Dentistry

    From Pediatrics to Geriatrics, we are very comfortable treating your family’s dental needs. While we enjoy close relationships with our dental specialists, we strive to provide all of your dental care under one roof. We provide headphone music or movie glasses during your treatment if desired. This has been proven to be highly successful in treating children and has eliminated our use of “laughing gas” (nitrous oxide).

    Missoula Dental Hygiene Care:

    • Health screenings and evaluations
    • Discussion of Treatment Options
    • Preventive Cleanings
    • Ultrasonic Instrumentation
    • Fluoride Varnish
    • Oral Hygiene Instructions/Education

    Missoula General Dentistry Services:

    • Cavity filling
    • Sealants
    • Extractions
    • Dentures
    • Root Canal Therapy

    Missoula Cosmetic Dentistry Services:

    • Crowns
    • Porcelain Veneers
    • Tooth-Colored Fillings (No Amalgams)
    • In-Office Whitening
    • Dental Implants
    • Dental Bridges
    • Lumineers
    • Invisalign

    Missoula Periodontal Care:

    • Non-Surgical Root Planing & Scaling
    • Maintenance Cleanings

    Delaney Procedures

    Teeth Whitening

    Our Office has teeth whitening treatments available to fit every need. One of our whitening procedures is know as ZOOM!, which is an in-office treatment. We also provide custom made bleach trays to help maintain your bright smile.

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    ADHA-American Dental Hygienist Association

    ADHA- Do you know your Teeth?

    Healthy Teeth

    Referring Doctors

    Oral Surgical Associates


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